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Which chords can I use when figuring out (or composing) a song in a given key ?

IF you were running this module within FretMapp Suite on your iPhone / iPad, you would :

CHOOSE A SONG KEY by tapping the Purple Triangles above the piano keyboard.

The colored diamonds show you WHICH CHORDS go with this Song Key.

Then, SELECT a CHORD you want to try by tapping the middle pair of Purple Triangles.

The small red (or green) caret mark will point to the respective colored diamond.

Each fretboard shows a different option for playing the selected CHORD as a Barre Chord.

Offscreen, there is a THIRD OPTION for playing the selected chord...

...you would tap the PREV or NEXT (in purple letters) to see it on one of the fretboards.

RIGHT NOW you can click on ** View Help Pages ** & read pages 4-6 for more info.

FretMapp Suite comes with demo versions of ALL in-App-Purchase modules.

Click the VIEW HELP PAGES link to the left of the Screen Shot, and read

Help Page ZERO for more info on demo versions (also called free versions).

View Help Pages 4-8

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