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...is the use of Pentatonic PATTERNS for playing sequences of notes ("LICKS") in

a Lead Guitar Solo,

or --- for something like maybe a two or three note "decoration" in between the

words being sung. (This kind of decoration is called a "FILL" instead of a "lick".)

Okay, that's great, but WHAT ARE Pentatonic PATTERNS? Isn't this something TOO


Answer to question #1 : According to the way I've personally taught thousands of

guitar lessons, a Pentatonic PATTERN is an arrangement of DOTS, which ...

... can be positioned on the fretboard to define either a MAJOR or a MINOR Pentatonic

SCALE. The first note (or "root note") of the Major Pentatonic Scale is where the guitar

string changes color from black to yellow under your FOURTH FINGER. The first note

(or "root note") of the Minor Pentatonic Scale is where the guitar string changes color

from black to blue under your INDEX FINGER.

The MINOR Pentatonic Scale is used far more frequently for most genres, although

the MAJOR Pentatonic is used a lot with folk, bluegrass, and older country songs.

Answer to question #2 : Beginning guitar players can benefit from working with

Pentatonic PATTERNS as soon as they are able to control their hands for playing

individual notes. Playing techniques such as slides, bends, hammer-ons and pull-offs

can be developed later, once the student knows the patterns & is comfortable with them.

a FUN and FREE ...

EXERCISE: on your computer, or even a cassette recorder, record yourself strumming

an A-minor chord for two measures (8 beats), then an E-major chord for two measures,

and repeat this sequence several more times. On your iPhone, start FretMapp Suite

and select the PENTATONICS Module (you ** DO NOT ** need the in-App Purchase

version, the free demo version will work fine for this). The blue and yellow boxes

above the fretboards should read "A-Major" and "A-minor" -- if not, then adjust by

tapping the purple triangles above the right fretboard. Use the A-minor-positioned

PATTERN, and play "live" on your guitar to accompany your recording. Experiment

with all 12 of the notes (or "dots") in the pattern.

The free demo version includes a second pattern, so tap the purple box for this pattern

and use it (again, the A-minor-positioned one) to accompany your recording. Select

"Landscape views" to see a larger PATTERN as you play -- the purple box for selecting

"Landscape views" IS ONLY VISIBLE when the "chord shape" box is DE-selected.

To investigate the A-MAJOR POSITIONS for these patterns, make a recording with

chords A-Major, D-Major and E-Major.

RIGHT NOW you can click on ** View Help Pages ** & read pages 8-10 for more info.

FretMapp Suite comes with demo versions of ALL in-App-Purchase modules.

Click the VIEW HELP PAGES link to the left of the Screen Shot, and read

Help Page ZERO for more info on demo versions (also called free versions).

View Help Pages 10-12

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