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Your ability to QUICKLY find a specific note on the fretboard.

RHYTHM GUITARISTS need to locate the root notes of BARRE CHORDS.

LEAD GUITARISTS need to find the root note of a scale for soloing.

Aside from the tasks listed above, you will rarely care about (or be aware of)

the alphabetical names of the notes you play. For Lead Guitar -- beginner

thru intermediate -- it's all about the Pentatonic Patterns & physical techniques

like bends and hammer-ons (plus some ear training... a future topic?). For me,

personally, I'm aware of each alphabetical note name only when I play Classical.

HOW TO USE this FRETMAPP MODULE (rhythm guitar example) :

Suppose you need to play a D♭7 chord. You would ...

STEP ONE -- study the screens in the FretMapp Module

STEP TWO -- quickly locate a D♭ NOTE on string 6, 5 or 4

STEP THREE -- at the fret where you found it, make a barre with your index finger

STEP FOUR -- if the D♭ NOTE is ... [ viewing the Barre Chords Explorer Module ... ]

... on the E-String, use a dominant 7 Chord-Shape from the E-Shape family.

... on the A-String, use a dominant 7 Chord-Shape from the A-Shape family.

... on the D-String, use a dominant 7 Chord-Shape from the D-Shape family.

HOW TO USE this FRETMAPP MODULE (lead guitar example) :

Suppose you've been invited onstage to play a guitar solo, but the band plays

the song in E♭ because they've got an alto sax player. You would ...

STEP ONE -- Hold up one finger from your fretboard hand ...

... INDEX finger for MINOR, or ... FOURTH finger for MAJOR.

... You will NEARLY ALWAYS choose MINOR as a Lead Guitar player, even if

... the Rhythm player uses all major chords -- read Pentatonics Module webpage.

STEP TWO -- Instantly place this finger on ANY E♭ on the fretboard...

... You HAVE studied your FretMapp screens, right?

STEP THREE -- Say the NUMBER NAME of the string where you found this E♭.

STEP FOUR -- Say the correct 5 R's SILLY SAYING ...

... that begins with the NUMBER you just spoke ...

... You HAVE studied your SILLY SAYINGS in the Pentatonics Module, right?

STEP FIVE -- Repeat the LAST WORD of the Silly Saying you just spoke.

STEP SIX -- Play your solo using the PENTATONIC PATTERN you just named.

... You HAVE studied your LANDSCAPE VIEWS in the Pentatonics Module, right?

FretMapp Suite comes with demo versions of ALL in-App-Purchase modules.

Click the VIEW HELP PAGES link to the left of the Screen Shot, and read

Help Page ZERO for more info on demo versions (also called free versions).

View Help Page ZERO

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