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Music, computers and language are my three big interests in life, and music started

first -- with piano lessons beginning at age 5. Next came violin, then guitar (starting

at age 8), then clarinet. I had many good teachers in my youth, but the most memor-

able one was the fellow who introduced me to the world of LEAD GUITAR.

That was way back in 1972 or 1973, when I was a freshman in high school in

Topeka, Kansas. I didn't have a driver's license yet, and my parents both worked.

So, I rode the bus from my high school -- located just across the street from the

State Capitol building -- to Steam Music. (Steam Music is still operating today,

there in Topeka, with the same original owner behind the counter or out on the

sales floor!) In those days it was a small green-colored building on 15th Street

a few blocks from Washburn University and a block or two north of Taco Tico.

The buses didn't run after six o'clock, but I would get a ride home from some-

body at Steam. I still remember getting a ride from the drummer for Black Oak

Arkansas in an old rusty white Ford Falcon!

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the Fretboard Flipper button

Anyway, my lessons took place at Steam in a back room. The store had lots of

inventory in a small space, which meant that most of the time teacher and stu-

dent would be sitting on boxes of freshly arrived merchandise crammed into a

glorified closet. This tiny space was where I got initiated into the secrets of

Pentatonics and the physical techniques of killer lead guitar. The time was

brief -- a few weeks, maybe -- but potent. And then my teacher was gone, off

to New York I think it was, to do some recording. An album, and touring, and

many more albums, and more touring, were his road to follow. His name was

(and is) Kerry Livgren, author of "Carry On My Wayward Son", "Dust in the

Wind", and many more great songs.

Those lessons have served me well since then -- on stage, in the practice

room, sitting on the washer in the college dorm laundry trying to impress

girls, even playing at subway stops in the 80's and 90's -- can you guess

where? In somewhat more recent pre-recession years, I taught a few thou-

sand lessons at a couple of music stores in the Tampa area. Nowadays,

I live in Nashua, New Hampshire. I like writing iPhone apps and working

on this website. I'm also learning French by watching a Quebec TV chan-

nel. (By the way, I wrote all the Spanish that's on this website and in my

FretMapp Suite software.)

I hope you appreciate my efforts, and THANKS FOR VISITING !!

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